In 2019, research showed that 4,4 billion people are using the internet.  Since then, the internet has become the first place people go when they have a question. Best place to study marketing in South Africa. Best places to travel in South Africa.  Best restaurant in Cape Town. Facial near me. Sports shop near me. Weight loss in Port Elizabeth. Search engines help people get the answers to their questions.  Search Engine Optimisation makes sure that your site gets seen during these searches.

We have all heard the saying, “Google it!” This is because Google is the most popular search engine used to get answers. Google’s team have developed a search engine that’s effective at answering questions quickly.  After Google, people tend to search on YouTube and then social media.  


Here are 3 reasons why your website needs savvy Search Engine Optimisation.

Optimised Websites Helps your Target Audience Find your Site

Knowing that over 86% of searches take place on Google means that businesses have an opportunity to be found by potential clients. Search results yet can also be the reason clients will rather use your competitor. The ideal situation is getting Google to find and recommend your website over a competitor when an enquiry is made by a potential customer.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) takes advantage of this opportunity and eliminates the threat of losing potential clients to competitors. 

Searchers have found Google to be effective at serving the right information, which means that the first page Google brings up is what gets looked at.  If the answer is not found on the first page, searchers tend to go back to their search and refine their query to get the results they’re looking for on the first page.  So, the higher Google ranks your website in the search results, the more clicks you’ll get to your website, the better chance you have of conversions. 

Google SEO Port Elizabeth

Your Website Might be Hard to Find

Search engines have the massive task of searching through millions of pages on the internet in a fraction of a second to serve the most relevant content to the one making the enquiry.  This gets done in three steps.


The first step is crawling.  This involves search engines automated programs to discover web pages. Studies have shown that only 0.03% of existing web pages get crawled.  If a page is not crawled, then it cannot be ranked. 


Once a web page is crawled it gets indexed.  This is a type of database much like the index at the back of a book with a list of words and where they can be found.  It’s been estimated that Google has only indexed between 0.4% and 10% of the internet.

The third and final step is serving.  This is where search engines scan their index to see which pages mention the keywords being searched.  Serving then decides which order to display the relevant pages in.


Search engines use a set of rules to determine the relevancy of pages to the enquiry to determine the order in which they are served.  These rules are kept confidential to not give search engine competitors the secrets to their success. There are a few key factors though that help your pages get crawled, indexed, and served.  Search engine optimisation combines all these factors for a good ranking on Google.  The secrecy aspect of how search engines work, make SEO not only a science but also an art.  So, it’s important to get a trained professional to assist you with your SEO.

SEO has a Positive Return on Investment

Getting ranked well by Google without paying for that position with Google Ads, also known as Pay Per Click or PPC, is called organic results. Search engine optimisation ranks you organically on the results page below the paid Google Ads on a page.  Organic results do get the most clicks on a search results page. 

According to Moz, SEO experts, SEO has 20 times more traffic opportunity than PPC.  PPC also becomes ineffective the moment you stop paying for them, whereas SEO holds water for years making it a better return on investment. 

Google Search Engine Optimisation

Divergence Marketing offers Search Engine Optimisation as part of their digital marketing strategy.

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